Last Update: February 10, 2021

The Nursing School Admission Essay

Despite the recent shortage of nurses, nursing school admission has become increasingly competitive in the past few years. Of all the types of graduate school admission essays, a nursing school admission essay is perhaps the most personal.

Your job as an applicant is to assure the admission committee that you have been a caring, dedicated, and disciplined student and will carry over those qualities in your career as a nurse. Therefore, the nursing school personal statement is arguably the most important aspect of the entire nursing school application packet. It is your chance to stand out among the thousands of other applicants competing for the same places. The story you convey in your admission essay should be full of life and energy, as well as demonstrate a unique sense of self not able to be conveyed in the clerical sections of the application.

Different nursing schools require different types of essays. Some ask a specific question while others just ask the applicant to “tell them about yourself.” No matter what the requirement, your nursing school admission essay is an opportunity to stand out among the applicant pool and show the school that you are the ideal candidate for their program.

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