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The types of documents we can proofread for you 

Student proofreading services are certainly what you need when you are not absolutely sure about some points in your paper. Every document for admission has its characteristics and unique features. To be completely sure that your papers fit the requirements, it is better to refer to proofreading services for students. We can help you with these types of documents. Also, we provide proofreading for academic papers. 

  • Personal statement

  • Statement of purpose 

  • Admission essay

  • Resume/CV

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Cover letter 

The reasons why student proofreading services that we provide are the best

Professional editing team

All of our editors are native English speakers. Thus, they can easily detect every possible mistake or omission.


Thorough check

We want to leave our customers completely satisfied with the proofreading result. Hence, we provide the check that is out of the scope of simple perusing. We provide comments regarding each essential detail that somehow influences the essay and the quality of the text on the whole.


Fast turnaround time

We appreciate the time and effort our customers put into the writing process. Therefore, we can make student proofreading faster depending on the requirements and conditions.

Ordering Process

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What feedback do we receive from our customers?

Thanks a lot to the editor who provided me with amazing student proofreading. My admissions essays were the determining factor in the whole process. I took everything very seriously and decided to have the papers in the best possible condition. 

A thorough check, recommendations and comments. That is exactly what I got as a result. I will undoubtedly refer to this service to proofread my academic essays and other papers. Highly recommended!


Springfield College

I wanted to have my essay in its best condition as I was realizing that it is a crucial part of my admissions process. I wanted to do my best and get admitted. So, I decided to refer to student proofreading services. I chose MyCollegePaper as one of my friends had already asked for their services and left pleased with the result. My essay was edited very fast. There were some typos that I made, and the editor proofread the essay and checked everything. I am very happy with the result of student proofreading at MyCollegePaper.


Wells College

I was writing my academic paper for a long time, and finally, I have faced a problem. I couldn’t find the possible mistakes as I was tired of rereading the same text many times. I couldn’t bear it anymore. However, I knew that I needed a check. I referred to MyCollegePaper as I had heard about this service before some great reviews. Proofreading services for students, as a rule, provide simple proofread, and that is all. But, here, the editor left some comments regarding the structure of the text. That was really pleasing, and I realized that that supposed idea makes sense. With the professional assistance of the proofreader, I did my best and got an amazing result.


Columbia College

I am a student, and it is a hard job. I have to write a lot of essays and academic papers. As I want this work not to be wasted, I usually publish all my academic papers and researches in special scientific journals. The work I do is good, but I wish my consciousness in writing style would be the way better. So, I have tried referring to the best online proofreading service students recommend. 

MyCollegePaper is the service that provided me with comprehensive proofreading that saved my time and nerves. I am surely satisfied with the result, and I recommend this service to other students if they don’t have enough time to spend it proofreading their papers. 


University of Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MyCollegePaper provide writing options on a par with editing?

No and no. Our service provides all kinds of editing and proofreading services but not writing options. Our editors won’t write any piece of text as it will be counted as plagiarism in your essay. We appreciate academic policies and terms. Thus, we don’t provide writing services.

What if I need student proofreading for several papers?

It is not a problem for us. You can easily choose a special service where you can upload several document files at once. For such an order, we will assign one editor. Contact us in case you have any additional questions.

How can I pay for the service?

MyCollegePaper accepts payment via PayPal or Stripe. We realize that these ways of payment are the most secure.

Can I have the turnaround of the work done within one day?

Sure! We understand that the requirements and circumstances can be different. Our service excels among other proofreading services for students because we want to leave the customer satisfied with the result not only of the quality of work but also with the whole process.