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Essay editing services are created to help you craft the best paper for both the admissions process and curriculum exercises.
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The documents our essay editing service works with

Essay editing service is an irreplaceable step in the process of applying for a place in educational institutions. To create the best impression in the eyes of the admissions tutor, you have to submit application essays that are easy to read and engaging. We understand that it can be challenging to create such a paper on your own. Hence, we provide a comprehensive check for the papers and essays you have to submit. 

Moreover, if you have completed the application successfully, you are supposed to face a lot of academic writing tasks. We offer college essay editing for your curricular task to have them in amazing shape. 

We can aid you with these types of documents: 

  • Personal statement
  • Statement of purpose 
  • Admission essay
  • Resume/CV
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Cover letter

Why our essay edit service is the most trustworthy in the editorial field?

Editing team whose first language is English

Once you have decided to have a check for your essay, it is crucial to know that a real professional is responsible for the result. As all of our editors are graduates from Ivy League educational institutions, they have the highest level of proficiency in the English language. Every task becomes possible to resolve if you have skilled and experienced support. We provide only high-quality essay editing.


Precise check

Our editors are to provide you with not only a simple grammar and spelling check but also they can give you some advice regarding the structure of your essay and the content of the utterance. Having college essay editing at My College Paper guarantees you an exceptional result.


Fast paper return

Our team deeply appreciates the time that our customers spend on their papers. We don’t want you to wait for the result for a long time. Thus, editing essays at My College Paper takes only 48 hours (depending on the service you have chosen). Moreover, owing to the circumstances, we can offer you a 24-hour turnaround. 

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What do our customers say after editing essay at our service?

Thanks a lot for My College Paper. I was responsible for preparing my article for publication in the scientific journal. I was sure about the content of it, but I had some doubts about punctuation and grammar. Essay editor helped me to cope with all the difficulties I had. Additionally, she pointed on some structure misleadings. After having resolved those omissions, the article became a text that is simpler to read and understand. I can’t express how much I am thankful to the editor here!


Springfield College

I have to do a lot of academic work. Sometimes I find it difficult to concentrate on such things as grammar and spelling as I don’t pay attention to them when perusing the text. Thus, I was given the recommendation to have editing for all the crucial papers. Essay editor service is a nice way to save time and effort. My College Paper does their job truly great. I constantly refer to them and ask for the same editor. It is a nice option as I am sure about the work she does. Moreover, in the case when I have the deadline very soon, I can order a rush option with a 24-hour turnaround time. That is a very convenient feature for students like me.


Fisher College

When I was applying for the scholarship, I knew that the story I narrate in my essay is decisive. I couldn’t allow myself to fail the application within the essay that is not worth attention. I have written, as I was thinking, a great essay. However, to be sure, I asked my friend to check it for me. He said that I should refer to professionals for that and recommended this service for me. Editing essay here was the right step to make my essay outstanding. The editor listened to all my wishes and gave me the recommendations I needed. He pointed out the structure mistakes and advised on the lexis appropriateness. After the check, my essay was way better than it was before the editing. 


Lyon College

To be completely honest, I am not that familiar with punctuation and grammar in English. I am an international student, and sometimes I have mistakes. Still, I want to have my papers in the best possible shape. I refer to editing essay service very often as I have to write a lot due to my college curriculum. This service provides nice service, and the support is 24/7. Therefore, I can ask them any questions, even at night, and they can answer them easily, even if it is late. The editors are also nice, and they answered my questions very quickly and politely. I am happy with this service.


Marist College

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit more than one paper in one order?

Sure, you can check our services and choose the “All In One”. This service allows you to upload several documents at once. We will assign only one editor for all the papers. Therefore, the style of essays edit will be the same in all the documents. 

Does MyCollegePaper provide only admissions essay editing, or can I submit my academic papers?

We provide both editings for admission and academic curriculum. We can edit your essay according to the needs you require.

How can I contact the service if I have any additional questions?

Our professional support works 24/7. Thus, you can ask any questions you need at any time. We will provide you with the answer as fast as possible. 

Can the editor suppose the content for my essay that is not real but very interesting?

No and no. We provide only essays editing. No writing options are available on our website.