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My College Paper is a high-quality editing service that allows you to get your papers in the best possible condition. We provide our customers with professional support, depending on the needs and requirements of every client. We know how a well-structured and edited text can be crucial for a paper in both the admissions and the curricular process. Thus, we want to offer you an edit that is beyond the scope of a simple check. Both you choose proofreading service or editing option, you will get the result that is an outstanding one.

The team of professional editors who are passionate about the job they do can’t leave you with a bad impression. More than 20 years of experience and a background of Ivy League studying make our editors the experts whose opinion and proficiency can be trusted. Our editors can deal with any challenging task and situation that may arise!


What We Do

We provide our customers with high-quality editing and proofreading services. Moreover, a comprehensive overview and feedback are also provided depending on the type of service you choose.


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We understand that the deadline can be very soon, and the circumstances can be tough. Thus, we provide fast and complete editing and proofreading services depending on your needs and wishes. 


Our Mission

We want to help our customers to feel secure about the papers that they have to submit. Both the essays for admissions and academic papers will be in their best shape after having the edit!

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College Proofreading

If your paper is in good shape, but you want to get it in its best form, you can refer to the proofreading service. We provide grammar and spelling checks, typos and punctuation control that will make your paper the greatest one.

College Editing

If you feel doubts regarding any point in your paper, it is better to ask for professional advice. Our proficient editors can help you to cope with any difficulties and omissions that you may have.