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My College Paper is a high-proficient and experienced Ivy League editing team. We provide editorial assistance and proofreading services for many years. That is exactly what makes us professionals in the editing field.
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Who we are, and why should you entrust editing to us?

MyCollegePaper is a high-proficient and experienced Ivy League editing team. We provide editorial assistance and proofreading services for many years. That is exactly what makes us professionals in the editing field. 9/10 customers point to the fact that they are satisfied with the result. 8/10 customers come back for a re-appeal.

Why are our editors the real professionals?


The team of professionals is exactly what describes our editors. All of them have English as their first language. Moreover, they all have graduated from Ivy League schools what makes them highly-qualified in different fields. Some of them have had editorial experience in the field of university essay editing service for more than 15 years. Thus, they know everything about the application not only to college but also to the university and grad schools.

However, for the last years, they have been immersing themselves in college essay editing what makes them real professionals who can cope with any editorial challenge.

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What does our college essay editing service can check?

Having made the decision whether to have college essay check or not determines whether you can increase your chances of getting a place in a college or not. Thus, here are the types of documents we can help you with.

Personal Statement for college

When entering the college, you have to provide the admissions committee with the information that is behind your application test results and GPA you had at high school. Immediately after you receive the requirements for the admission essay, you have to immerse yourself in the writing process if you want to get an outstanding result. College essay proofreader is your chance to get rid of the unnecessary information in your college personal statement and transform the essay into a kind of a gripping masterpiece.

Statement of purpose for college

College statement of purpose is one more essay that determines the success of your admission. Such kind of essay provides the admissions committee with extra information about not only your personality but also your future intentions and perspectives. If you decide to refer to college essay reviewers, you can be secure that your sop presents your ideas and purposes in an appropriate way and appealing manner. The fact that your essay demonstrates your opinion in a natural and solid way circumscribes your achievement of a place in the college community. Contact us using the message “critique my essay” or “edit my essay,” and we will help you!

Admission essay for college

Such college essay has a general concept, and it aims to provide the admission tutors with information that describes your personality from the unknown before sides. This essay is your chance to give as many facts about yourself as you can. College essay editors can help you create the best possible opinion of yourself within the words. Moreover, they can help you craft the most memorable and positive impression following the writing requirements.

CV/Resume for college

Had you been working or doing scientific research before deciding to enter a college? Thus, you have undoubtedly to mention this information in your CV/resume. This document has a specific structure and requirements for filling the data in. In case you want to reinforce your application with extra achievements, you have to submit these documents. College essay editors can assist you in structuring the crucial points of your biography in a proper way. Hence, you will have one more chance to stand out from the crowd of other applicants and prove the fact that you are the most suitable candidate to become a part of the college community.

Letter of recommendation for college

Suppose you are a young high school teacher and your student asks you to write a college recommendation letter. However, you don’t have enough experience in this field, and additionally, you don’t want to spoil the impression about your favorite student. We highly advise referring to college essay editing service. The editors are proficient not only in essay editing but also in have are experts in other document types proofreading and editing. Thus, the letter of recommendation will be in its best condition. Student proofreading services are in need not only for students!

Cover letter for College

There are cases when the admissions committee is a bit doubtful regarding the candidate. They have plenty of applicants and they have to sort them to decide what applications are worth even reading. To cope with this task, you are to provide a cover letter. To be completely sure that your cover letter sticks to the style of writing such a paper and represents everything that determines your personality, you have to be sure that it is written well. Thus, it is a great idea to refer to college essay editing service.

What feedback do we receive from our customers? 

My test scores and GPA were pretty middling. Anyhow, I was motivated to receive the studying offer despite everything. I got the point that the essay can change everything. I made a decision to create the most memorable essay that admissions officers could differentiate me out of the applicants’ crowd within the one sight at the paper. I knew that I needed some support and a bit of experienced advice. MyCollegePaper editor is exactly what I needed at that moment. She provided me not only with the critique regarding the content but also explained to me how to improve it. 

Now, when I am an admitted student, I can undoubtedly say that editing a college essay is the best choice for everyone who wants to become enrolled.


Dartmouth College

I know that writing isn’t my best side. I am good at exact sciences but not at something that is connected to the creative field. I was doing my best when writing the application essay. However, every time when I was reading it, I knew that something was wrong. 

The resolution was obvious. I referred to college essay editor. The professional editor helped me to understand what omissions I had and how to correct them. 

We had several consultations and crafted a great essay that helped me to become admitted.



When I was applying to MIT, I knew that the stakes were high. I couldn’t give myself even a possible chance to lose such an opportunity. So, I decided to review college essay that was one of the determining factors for my enrollment. And I am thankful for the assistance that MyCollegePaper provided. The editor pointed out that some facts in my essay weren’t necessary and recommended getting rid of them. I listened to this piece of advice and crafted my best essay ever. Also, grammar and punctuation were checked from the professional’s point of view.
And here I am now, a successful student of MIT.



My essay was good. Really, pretty good. But it wasn’t an outstanding essay. I understood that without the best essay among the applicants, I couldn’t get the deal. Thus, I referred to MyCollegePaper and their team of college essay proofreaders. They are true professionals who helped me to transform my essay into a kind of masterpiece. 

I appreciate every piece of advice I was given, and I recommend other applicants to refer to the editing service if they feel any doubts. 

College life is an amazing experience, and you can’t lose a chance to become a part of that cool community.



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What do we provide with college essay edit? 

Our experienced and proficient editors provide our customers with top-rate services that support the intentions and perspectives of receiving the place in the dream-college. College essay edit is an additional and trusty way to increase the chances of receiving the studying offers not in the nearby educational institution but best-rated colleges. 

Once you have asked for essay review, you can be assured that your essay is in its best condition. 

Our team of editors is aware of all types of essay editing and proofreading. We can help you not only with college admissions essay editing but also can check your academic papers for college. 

Why do you need college essay proofreading?

So, you may think about where is the connection between a winning college enrollment and college essay proofreading?

The answer is pretty obvious. In case you want to try some new experiences and get some more opportunities in your life, a college student being is an amazing opportunity to receive that all. You have to have done a lot of actions and steps to achieve the right to call yourself a college student. One of those essential points is your essay for admission. 

The essay that is to change everything is the crucial part of the admissions process. You have to take it very seriously and pay attention to each detail to get the result that you want further. 

If you feel that the text is good but something is wrong with it, you should better refer to professional college essay proofreading and get assistance from proficient editors who can enhance your essay’s quality and make it only better!

College essay editor is a person who is to provide you with extra self-esteem and confidence

Don’t you think so? 

Okay, but what if 9/10 customers point that after having the professional support they became sure that their essay is worth attention and acceptance.
Even a small talk with college essay editor can provide you with the insight information, crucial tips and prompts that can make your essay the most mesmerizing one. 

All of our editors have enough expertise in different fields. Thus, they can manage the tasks that may seem to you to be impracticable. 

Editing a college essay is exactly what you need!

If you are still doubtful whether editing a college essay a good idea or not, our answer is “Yes!” It is an amazing way to increase your admission chances and get the essay in its best shape. 

A well-structured, solid and clear essay is what the admissions committee is looking for. In this way, they can easily detect the applicant’s attitude to the process on the whole. 

The text you are to submit is a decisive part of your application, and you can’t fail any detail regarding it. 

Create your best college experience with college essay editing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the service provide writing options?

No, MyCollegePaper is the service that provides only editing and proofreading options. 

How can I pay for the service?

You can pay for the services provided via PayPal or Stripe.

Do all of the editors have a high level of proficiency?

Unquestionably, yes! They are Ivy League graduates, and they have the English language as their mother tongue. Therefore, you can trust the quality of our service.

Does editing influence the quality of the content?

We provide the edit in the way of not changing or adding any significant details. Your thoughts and ideas are only yours. The content is the way where you, not the editor, can prove yourself.